Beulah's Ministries


  The goal of the Brotherhood Organization   is to equip men to be servant - leaders in   their families, church, and the world by   helping to create an environment where a   vital relationship with God and man can   be nurtured .


   The goal of  the Women Ministry is to   promote spiritual growth, fellowship,and   engage women to know Jesus.

           Senior Adult

 The goal of the Senior Adult Ministry is to   provide  opportunities where our senior   members can remain actively involved in   the church and community. The members   of this ministry are wise and are able to   offer a wealth of life experiences to the   church. They possess a heart to be active   and to participate in God’s work.

Church Family Ministries                                                                                                                                  
        Children & Youth 

  The goal of the Children and Youth Ministry   is to teach and reveal the Word of God to the   young people of our Church. 

                  Young Adults 

The goal of the Young Adult Ministry is to provide opportunities for the young adults of our Church to study and spread the Word of God.

 Music & Worship                                                                                                                                                 
          The Praise Team

 The goal of the Praise Team is responsible   for setting the mood and engaging the   congregation  during Praise & Worship.

 The goal of the Spiritual Choir is to usher us in the presence of the Holy Spirit, to prepare   our hearts and minds ready to receive communion. 

           The Spiritual Choir 
     The Sanctuary Choir 

The goal of the Sanctuary Choir is to Glorify God through songs as we lead Morning Worship and uplift the name of Jesus.

            The Male Chorus

 The goal of the Male Chorus is to bring men   together for the purpose of encouraging and   building others up in Faith through songs   that minister to the heart and soul.

              The Youth Choir 

 The goal of the Youth Choir is to help our   young people grow, musically and   spiritually. We desire to usher our Youth   into the realm of ministry and excellence.

 Service Ministries                                                                                                                                                                  

  The goal of the Greeters Ministry is to create   a warm, inviting, and welcoming church   atmosphere for all who attend worship   services and special events at GBMBC.


    The goal of the Ushers Ministry is to serve       as a doorkeeper in the House Of The Lord.      Welcoming  GBMBC members and visitors      by assisting in seating,distributing bulletins,    and helping in emergency situations                  involving safety or help.


  The goal of the Nursery to provide a safe   and  nurturing place for children too young   to attend worship services including Children’s Church.

                   Bus/ Van

  The goal of the Bus / Van Ministry is to   provide transportation for members and   visitors who desire to attend GBMBC church   services.

                 Pulpit Hospitality

 The goal of the Pulpit Hospitality Ministry is   responsible for providing items needed in   the  pulpit by the pastor, ministerial staff,   and visitors.


  The goal of  the Parking Ministry   is responsible for assisting members and   visitors in the parking lot as they arrive and   leave church activities and events.

                  Security Team

  The goal of the Security Team is to ensures a safe and secure environment for everyone in and around the church facility.

            Pastor's Aide Board

  The goal of the Pastor's Aide Board  is to   provide service to the Pastor, ensuring that   he  is fully equipped, prepared, and able to fulfill  his responsibilities in leading the congregation. 

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