Our church begin its humble roots in the nineteenth century. On September 13, 1892, a group of baptized believers in Christ organized the Beulah Missionary Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. The Rev. R. Williams served as the first pastor of Beulah. In the ensuing formative years, many were called to shepherd Beulah's congregation: Rev. Luke, Rev. Pender, Rev. Rogers, Rev. Cook, Rev. Fishburn, Rev. Swickum, Rev. Black, Rev. Brown, Rev. Hamilton, and Rev. Caesar. Over the next one hundred and nine years, many Pastors would serve as spiritual leaders.  

​In 1929, under the leadership of Rev. Rogers, Beulah moved to its former location at 918 Ionia Street on the eastside of Jacksonville. ​ In 1942, after the passing of Rev. Caesar, the Lord sent a new shepherd to Beulah, Rev. Willie Demps, under whose leadership the church prospered. Rev. Demps served faithfully and tirelessly for 32 years. After the passing of Rev. Demps in 1974, his son Rev. Frederick Demps answered the call to serve as pastor of Beulah. Beulah's history would not be complete without giving reverence to Rev. Willie Demps' widow, Sister Ovelia Demps. " Mother Demps, " as she was affectionately called, remained committed to Beulah until her passing in 2009.


​Following Rev. Frederick Demps' service, the Lord sent Rev. Willie H. Mack, who contributed to Beulah's spiritual growth for 18 years.

​​It was in 1996, that again, Beulah petitioned God for a new spiritual leader. During this time, Rev. Anthony L. Willis, Sr., Associate Minister, served as the Interim Pastor.  The Lord heard the cry of the people and spoke to them and to the heart of Rev. Willis.  Rev. Willis accepted the call as Pastor of the Beulah Missionary Baptist Church.  Shortly after Rev. Willis took over as the shepherd of Beulah's flock, God planted within his heart the vision to build a new sanctuary, and the people of God embraced the vision and followed.


On October 16,2005, Beulah marched into its new sanctuary at its current location as the new Greater Beulah Missionary Baptist Church ( " GBMBC " ). Knowing God's will for us was to embrace the vision of a bountiful church family and church community.

Since his calling as Pastor, Rev. Willis has employed the congregation to "Catch the Vision" and he continues to have an ear to hear from God. Through his Ministry, many souls have come to Christ.  The Lord has truly "added unto the Church daily." Pastor Willis continues to share an untiring spirit with the members of this church family.  Sharing the gospel of Christ remains the thrust of his ministry.  The Beulah Church worshipers continue to be excited about the move of God upon their spiritual lives and upon the Greater Beulah Missionary Baptist Church.


​ In 2016, GBMBC added another chapter to its history when the vision for a Christian Academy came to fruition. Under the leadership of Pastor Anthony and First Lady Dr. Patricia Willis, their constant prayer and tireless efforts; along with the support and hard work of very dedicated Beulahnites; Beulahland Christian Academy opened its doors - proving, once again that " with GOD ALL things are possible! " Matthew 19:26